How does S4H work?

In a nutshell, you send me your photos and journaling, and I turn that into a scrapbook page that you can share electronically or print.

How do I get you my photos?

If your photos are printed, you can physically mail them to me so that I can scan them and send them back.  Alternatively you can scan them, or have them scanned. If your photos are in electronic format you can send them to me via e-mail or share them with me through a photo sharing website.

Which of my photos will you scrapbook?

I will scrap the photos YOU want me to scrap.  Depending on the number of photos you have, the number of pages you want, and the style you have in mind, your photos may or may not be cropped.  Those details will be decided before I get started.

What about journaling?

This is a personal decision.  Journaling is not required, and on some pages it is not even necessary.  On other pages, journaling is what completes it.  Should you want journaling included on your page, you will need to write it up and send it to me before I get started.  Why before?  Not all journaling is created equal.  Some pages will include just a few lines, and other pages complete paragraphs.  The page design will need to include the appropriate amount of space.

Why type of papers and elements will you use?

This depends on the “feel” you want your pages to have.  Do you want your Halloween photos scrapped with Halloween themed paper or a theme to match your child’s costume?  Do you want your page to have a whimsical feel or a soft romantic feel?  Do you prefer your pages to be simple or a bit more detailed?  Take a few minutes to view that pages that I have posted on this site, they are my best work and the style I am most comfortable using. The rest depends on the photos and you.

You have made my scrapbook page(s). Now what?

Once your page is finished to your satisfaction, I will flatten the image into a full resolution .jpg file and send it to you.  I can also send a .jpg file sized appropriately for sharing.  Should you have multiple pages and files, I can burn them to disc.  If you use an online scrapbook page printing site, I can also directly upload your files there.  I can also print your pages for you.  Details on discs and printed pages can be found on my Pricing page.

What size pages will you make?

I can work in any size page you want up to 12 in. x 12 in., 12 in. x 24 in. for a two page spread.  All full-sized .jpg files will be saved at 300 dpi.  All files for sharing will be saved at 72 dpi.

Do you have a question not already answered here?

Just ask!